Relx Classic Close Pods


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Relx Pods – Flavours

-Watermelon (3 Pods)
-Lemon Tea (3 Pods)
-Classic Tobacco (3 Pods)
-Light Tobacco (3 Pods)
-Orental Tobacco (3 Pods)
-Blueberry (3 Pods)
-Fruit (3 Pods)
-Mango (3 Pods)
-Ice Slush (3 Pods)
-Mellow Yellow (3 Pods)
-Peach Oolong (3 Pods)
-Grapefruit (3 Pods)
-Tanggy Purple (3 Pods)
-Cucumber (3 Pods)
-Greentea (3 Pods)
-Mung Bean (3 Pods)
-Mint (3 Pods)
-Top Picks – Mung Bean/Mint/Blueberry (3 Pods)

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