INTRODUCTION Launched in March 2022, I’m sure everyone has heard of Voltbar by now ! This Malaysian brand has definitely revolutionized the asian vape market by being the first few rechargeable disposable brands out there. When Cloud Beast SS15 first brought it in, we were taken aback on how great this product is ! The […]


ELFBAR 800 PUFF vs ELFBAR 1500 PUFF vs ELFBAR 3000 PUFF   ELFBAR 800 PUFF Elf Bar 800 initially started with roughly 10 flavors and it was widely accepted by the market due to its flavor profile. It now has 27 different fruity flavors and 12 different creamy flavors. It is the only disposable brand […]


PAT/IDA It is still unclear behind the acronyms PAT & IDA but I can assure you the flavor is not disappointing at all. The taste and notes of the flavor is clear that they use extract and not just any artificial flavoring. All of it comes in 35mg salt nicotine and the taste is just […]


Saya pasti anda semua sudah mendengar tentang berita itu sekarang. YA ! NanoSTIX akan melancarkan peranti baharu mereka, NEO pada 1 Januari 2022. Saya mempunyai maklumat terhad jadi saya akan lebih menekankan pada spesifikasi peranti dan proses penukaran peranti lama anda kepada peranti baharu.     NanoSTIX NEO DEVICE Ia mempunyai kapasiti bateri yang lebih […]

Rebuildable Atomizers Part 2: RDA

An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. It is often referred to as a dripper. RDAs are the most prevalent form of rebuildable atomizer. RDAs do not possess a tank to place supplementary juice. The juice is held by the wick and coil. Occasionally, there is a shaft inside the base of the dripper to […]

No to Replicas!

Hey guys, I’m back again with a new and exclusive article for you! Today’s topic will be about replicates. I know, everyone has probably overheard someone speak about replicates. A few of them choose to purposely disregard the reality. As a customer, we should educate ourselves to avoid falling into traps such as purchasing a […]

Build Your First Coil: Part 4

Welcome back readers! I hope you have benefitted from the previous articles relating to coil builds. This time around I’m back with the final installation of the series. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Picking up where we left off, generally there are two methods to bind the coil. Binding it on the wick or binding […]

Part 3 of our Build Your First Coil series!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen of the internet! I’m back with the third installation of this four part series! The prevalent wire compounds that are currently being utilized in the market comprises of Kanthal A1, Kanthal A, Nichrome, Ribbon Kanthal and Bakero. Based on the general grounds of expense and grit for high heat, kanthal has […]

Building Your First Coil: Part 2

Welcome back readers! So in Part 1 we ended at the discussion of silica wick material. We’ll pick things up where we left off for this second installation of the Building Your First Coil series. With the use of plaited design, ekowool enhances twirled silica. With this design, the wick will be left with stronger […]


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