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RELX is back with a new campaign for their 1 Year Anniversary for RELX INFINITY !

Cloud Beast is more than happy to be a part of this campaign to facilitate the users in Subang Jaya and Sunway to join this campaign.We hope you are excited as we are !  In this segment, we will be guiding you on how you can join this campaign and stand a chance to win attractive prizes every week !!

First of all, to join the E-Raffle you will have to purchase a new device. On the side of the box, there is a silver square that you are able to scratch. Scratch that and get your unique 14 digit code.

You have to enter your 14 Digit Code on the pack to join the E-Raffle.

LINK TO PUT IN CODE : https://relxtech.club/MY/event/write-off/1

Remember , the code can only be used once !


If the device has been purchased & redeemed in any authorized store, it will be automatically entered into the draw (no additional submission is required).

Any newly purchased RELX Infinity or Essential device during 1 – 31 July 2021 is eligible for the e-raffle:

***Non-winning entries will be pooled over for the next draw.


Terms and Conditions

This E-Raffle is exclusively for adult smokers or vapers 18 years of age and above who have redeemed their RELX Infinity & Essential device pack codes.​

Winners are randomly determined through an electronic raffle draw. The submission of an e-raffle entry does not guarantee that the participant will win a prize.

Information shared by participants must be accurate and correct to avoid disqualification.

RELX Malaysia will reach out to inform winners via email, text message or voice call; Winners can also DM us via IG@relx_my or FB@RELX MY;

Winners must be able to verify their information and provide proof of purchase to redeem their prizes. Winners who fail the verification process will result in disqualification.

Other winners (Retailers/Referer) must be able to verify the authenticities of their identification, and whoever fails the verification process will result in disqualification.

Prizes are supplied with standard supplier’s or service provider’s warranties only, where available. RELX Malaysia and its agents will not be liable concerning (i) any injury or consequential loss or damage arising from the use of Prizes; and (ii) any supplier/service provider’s refusal to honor any warranty.

RELX Malaysia reserves the right to disqualify any winner if there is any evidence of fraud or irregularities.

Participants in this promotion agree to be bound by these mechanics, and by all decisions of RELX Malaysia and its agents on all matters related to its implementation.

Items redeemed or won are not transferable and not convertible to cash.

Prize List:
1st DRAW(05 Jul)& 2nd DRAW (12 Jul)
MAJOR : iPhone 12
MINOR : Airpod Pro

2nd DRAW (19 Jul) & 4th DRAW (26 Jul)
Major: PlayStation5
Minor: Ipad Air 4
Consolation: RM500 TNG Card

2ND PRIZE: PlayStation5
3RD PRIZE: Ipad Air 4
4TH PRIZE: Airpod Pro
Consolation: RM500 TNG Card

Above is the prize list that will be given over the month.

Good luck to everyone who will be participating in the draw !


STEP 1 : LOGIN TO relxnow.my

STEP 2 : Click “RELX CLUB”
STEP 3 : Click on the
STEP 4 : The picture above will appear and key in your details !

It is important that you key in the store ID is because your ID will be attached to the store that you purchased from. This process will ease the warranty flow if you happen to encounter any problems or manufacturing defect with your device or pod.

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