SP2s is a close-system starter kit that is very much similar to NCIG, RELX and Nanostix. One of their few outstanding factors are their flavors and marketing. Up-to-date they have about 19 flavors and 8 color choices for their devices. In my honest opinion, this is probably one of the only few brands in Malaysia that has successfully managed to capture the 3rd party market with WeChat and online marketing as their device is compatible with RELX Classic pods. There are many 3rd party compatibles out there such as Veex, Z&G, Huuk, iFlex and FlavPlus but they didn’t really manage to capture their targeted audience.

Springtime SP2s Crystal New Generation – Specification and Features

The device has a 350mAh battery capacity that can last about up to a day and has a fast charging feature that only takes 30 minutes to get fully charged. This feature obviously comes with a Type-C USB cable and on a full charge, the user can get up to 300-350 puffs which is very similar to RELX.

Their pods are called crystal pods because their liquid is stored in clear transparent pods that have a capacity of about 2ml. The resistance of each flavor pod is the same as RELX which is 1.0ohm – 1.2ohm. The device however, is different as the SP2s has an output of 15w while RELX has an output of 6w. This means that from time to time using a RELX pod on a SP2s device may have a burnt taste if you chain vape as the output of SP2s is 2.5x higher compared to RELX although it is compatible. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s meant to be.

Springtime SP2s Pods – Flavor Choices

As you all know, this goes to every closed system pod. Make sure that you store it away from direct sunlight or high temperatures and in an upright position to avoid change of taste and to maintain the quality of the flavor.

SP2s currently has 19 flavor choices :-

While the device has 8 colors :-

In a nutshell, I personally don’t think there is a best pod. I believe RELX has set a benchmark in the close system category and which is better is up to the users because taste is subjective. SP2 has also stand out by creating flavors that doesn’t exists in the market such as Heineken and Double Mint which is actually a win-win situation for both companies because their compatible with each other.

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