As i mentioned before in my previous post , I never got the chance to try the RELX Essential because it never made it to Malaysia…till now.

RELX Infinity has been doing very well in Cloud Beast ever since it made it appearance here in Malaysia and they(RELX) have been slowly introducing RELX Essential to the Malaysian market.

Cloud Beast was one of the first few to carry RELX Essential and although there isn’t much difference in terms of performance it wasn’t well accepted by the Malaysian market. It is slightly cheaper than RELX Infinity so I am guessing that end users would rather pay slightly more for a better product.

The device comes in 5 colors black, blue , white, neon, white purple and green. It has a 350mah capacity and now comes with the latest USB Type C charging port which only needs a charging time of 40 minutes(5V) for your device to be fully charged.

The only downfall is that although the RELX Essential is almost the same as RELX Infinity and uses the same pods but it is not compatible with the portable RELX Infinity charging case.

Smart Pace Vibration Alert is a technology by RELX that Infinity has but Essential doesnt have. It vibrates whenever you insert your pod into the device.

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