RELX first showed their presence in the vape community in Malaysia by using a platform called 微信(WeChat) in Malaysia. It then gradually manage to penetrate into vape stores and handphone stores. RELX started with Classic, Alpha, Essential and now has released their 4th Generation of device , Relx Infinity.

RELX Classic was(and still is) a big hit in Malaysia. Cloud Beast has since then been one of the top sellers in Subang SS15. We have been consistent in providing flavor variations and warranty support. Of course all this wouldn’t have been possible without the support from RELX Malaysia. Relx Alpha on the other hand had a big launching in Zouk KL but it was took off the market when they found out that the pods were leaking very badly. It was also pricey compared to the Classic and other brands like Nanostix and NCIG. I never got the chance to try the RELX Essential though because it was’t sold in Malaysia. But its body is made of a cheaper material , slightly lesser battery life and cheaper price point than the Infinity.

The device comes in 3 colors, red,black and grey. It has a Smart Pace Vibration Alert. The device vibrates whenever you plug in your pod, charges and vibrates whenever you have puff 15 times in 15 minutes.



RELX Infinity currently has 8 flavors :-
Fresh Red (Watermelon)
Dark Sparkle (Coke)
Ludou Ice (Mung bean)
Garden’s Heart (Raspberry)
Tangy Purple(Grape)
Menthol Plus
Rich Tobacco
Raspy Ruby

What we love about the new RELX Pod Pro is that you have the option to vape in salt nicotine or freebase nicotine. It comes in a single pod box and packs of 2. Its salt nic options are 3% and 5% while the freebase ones come in 18mg. Although it is 1.9ML (Classic is 2ML), the flavor is much more intense compared to RELX Classic. After vaping on my Infinity for a week, I switched back to my Classic and realized that the flavor was pretty bland(Dark sparkle). The RELX Pod Pro also now has a maze airflow system which prevents leaking and a smoother draw.

Something new about the Infinity is that it now users has the option to buy a PCC(Portable/Pocket Charging Case). The PCC has 2 types which is 1500mah and 1000mah. The 1500mah case is made of metal and plastic while the 1000mah is made of 100% plastic. The 1000mah case is smaller to fit into your pocket/bag but the good part is that both cases has a charging indicator at the battery door to show that your device is charging.

RELX Infinity is definitely the best close system device for me compared to other brands due to its flavor variations, nicotine options, and technology standpoint. The only 2 things I feel is stopping them from become the perfect close system is the battery indicator and the pod wiggles abit when it is in the device. The battery indicator only has 2 colors which is white and red. By adding an orange/yellow light, users will know when their device’s battery is halfway through and it is time to charge.

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